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Cover Letter

Alternate Names:

A Cover Letter is also known as a/an:

  • Application Letter
  • Motivation Letter

What is a Cover Letter?

A Cover Letter is a document that highlights your relevant skills and qualifications for a potential employer. It prefaces a curriculum vitae (CV), sometimes called a resume, and helps to demonstrate why you are the best candidate for the position.

What should I write in a Cover Letter?

Making a Cover Letter is a bit different than creating a CV but includes similar information, such as your professional skills and experience.

A Cover Letter includes information such as:

  • The reason you are interested in the position
  • What you can contribute to the company you are applying to
  • What makes you qualified for the position
  • Your most relevant skills and abilities
  • Examples of times you've used your related skills in your previous jobs

A Cover Letter should be enthusiastic, conversational, and professional, and it should be free of any grammar and/or spelling mistakes. They usually do not exceed one page.

Do you need a Cover Letter to apply for a job?

It's a good idea to include a Cover Letter with your CV unless the job posting states 'no cover letter', or the place you will upload your job application does not allow you to include a Cover Letter.

A Cover Letter is not mandatory. However, many companies expect to see a Cover Letter with a CV, and sometimes even explicitly request them. Not providing one could discourage potential employers from contacting you for an interview.

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  • CV Builder: a tool that generates a customized curriculum vitae, sometimes called a resume, and includes your skills, past work experience, volunteer experience, education, interests, and more
  • Letter of Recommendation: a letter that provides an assessment of another person's character and abilities
  • Resignation Letter: a letter provided to your employer that states you will be leaving the company
  • Reference List: a list provided to potential employers of personal and work contacts who can confirm your information
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