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Buy and Sell

  • Car Sale Receipt
    Car Sale Receipt
    A Car Sale Receipt shows the transfer of property from the seller to the purchase and acts as a receipt.
  • Bill of Sale
    Bill of Sale
    A Bill of Sale transfers ownership of an item from one party to another.
  • Sales Receipt
    Sales Receipt
    A Sales Receipt transfers the ownership of property from the seller to the purchaser and acts as a receipt.
  • Heads of Agreement
    Heads of Agreement
    This Letter of Intent is a written statement describing a future understanding between two parties.
  • Purchase of Business Agreement
    Purchase of Business Agreement
    A Purchase of Business Agreement is a written contract used when an individual or business wishes to purchase all the shares or assets from a business.
  • Contract Purchase Agreement
    Contract Purchase Agreement
    A Contract Purchase Agreement is used when an owner desires to sell a vehicle to another person (buyer) where the buyer pays for the vehicle using monthly installments. Over the term of the agreement, the buyer pays the monthly installments and leases the vehicle from the owner. At the end of the term the buyer completes the purchase by paying a final lump sum.
  • Complaint Letter
    Complaint Letter
    A Complaint Letter is written by a consumer describing a problem they had with the product or service that was provided to them by an individual or business.
  • Sales Agreement
    Sales Agreement
    A Sales Agreement outlines the terms of a transaction, where a seller promises to sell something that a purchaser promises to buy.

Loans and Financial Protection

  • Loan Agreement
    Loan Agreement
    A Loan Agreement outlines the terms of a loan between a borrower and lender, and sets out a payment plan for the borrower to repay the lender.
  • Promissory Note
    Promissory Note
    A Promissory Note is used when a lender agrees to lend money to a borrower. It sets out the payment terms for a borrower to pay back the debt to a lender.
  • Demand Letter
    Demand Letter
    A Demand Letter is a formal letter sent out by one party to request outstanding action or payment from another party.
  • Hold-Harmless (Indemnity) Agreement
    Hold-Harmless (Indemnity) Agreement
    A Hold Harmless (Indemnity) Agreement is used to protect one or more individuals by limiting liability, losses, or damages that may result from their participation in an activity.
  • Personal/Corporate Guarantee
    Personal/Corporate Guarantee
    A Personal or Corporate Guarantee is a contract where an individual or corporation (guarantor) agrees to be responsible for the debt or obligations of another individual or corporation (debtor) in the event the debtor defaults on its obligations owed to a third party, such as a lender, landlord or creditor, in a guaranteed contract.
  • Financial Statement (Personal)
    Financial Statement (Personal)
    A Personal Financial Statement is used to present an individual's financial situation in a clear and organized manner.

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