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(This notice increases your rental payments)

NOTICE TO: ____________________, TENANT in possession and all others:

Address of Premises: ____________________


  1. In accordance with the terms of your written lease (the "Lease") dated 29 November 2023 for the premises described above, and with the laws of the Country of England and any applicable county or municipality, the Landlord hereby notifies you of a change in the amount of your rent.
  2. Your regular rent payment will increase from £_____ per month to £_____ per month. This increase in your rent will be effective as of 30 December 2023.
  3. You are responsible for making all necessary changes to your payment arrangements to comply with this increase.

SIGNED by the Landlord


Dated: ________ day of ________________, ________



Telephone (Daytime)

Telephone (Evening)

Rent Increase Notice Information

Alternate Names

A Rent Increase Notice is also known as:

  • Notice of Rent Increase
  • Rent Increase Letter
  • Rent Review Notice

What is a Rent Increase Notice?

Landlords use a Rent Increase Notice to inform a tenant of a future rent increase. By creating and delivering this document, landlords fulfill their responsibility to provide tenants with appropriate notice before increasing rent.

By receiving a Rent Increase Notice, tenants can better prepare for rent changes and adjust their finances accordingly. Notices should specify the date the increase will come into effect and provide tenants with a fair amount of time before rent is increased.

How do I write a notice of rent increase?

Complete LawDepot's Rent Increase Notice questionnaire and your answers will be automatically generated into a customised notice. You will need to provide the following rental information:

  • The full names of both landlord and tenant
  • The type of property you are leasing
  • The location of the property
  • The type of tenancy (fixed term or periodic)
  • Details about the rent (current rent vs. new rent and effective dates)
  • Details about the lease (start date and signing date)

Can landlords increase rent?

During a fixed-term tenancy, rent usually does not increase unless otherwise specified in the tenancy agreement. However, landlords can pursue a ground rent increase that would become effective after the initial lease ends (assuming they follow the proper process and provide appropriate notice).

If a tenant finishes a fixed-term tenancy and rolls into a periodic tenancy (month-to-month), landlords can increase rent by serving a formal Rent Increase Notice (also called a section 13 rent increase, in England and Wales). Still, landlords must provide appropriate notice when they pursue a rent increase for periodic tenancies.

How much notice for rent increase?

The amount of notice that landlords must provide tenants when increasing rent varies depending on jurisdiction. Required notice can also depend on the type and length of tenancy agreement (e.g. some jurisdictions require six months' notice for tenants who pay rent yearly).

Local regulations may also specify limitations on when landlords can increase rent and how much they can increase it by. Rental guidelines can change, so staying informed of local laws is important.

How much can a landlord increase rent?

In most jurisdictions, landlords must abide by rental pricing regulations. Be sure to research the guidelines for increasing rent in your area before you send out a Notice of Rent Increase. Rent increases should also be fair and comparable to average rent prices in the area.

After following local laws, it's important to ensure rent increases also comply with the terms of a lease. If a lease includes rent limitations, landlords can only increase the price within the agreed-upon boundaries.

What are the requirements for delivering a Rent Increase Notice?

In most cases, there are no formal requirements for delivering a Rent Increase Notice. If a landlord delivers a notice within the appropriate time frame and includes all the necessary information, a notice can be delivered in a variety of ways. Some landlords prefer to deliver in person while others prefer delivery by mail.

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