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For inquiries about the rental property, please contact _______________________ at:
Email: ______________________________
Phone: ___________________________________


Rental Property Address: _____________________________________________
Date of Availability: Immediately


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Residential Tenancy Application Information

Alternate Names:

A Residential Tenancy Application is also known as a:

  • Tenant application form
  • Residential rental application
  • Rental lease application
  • Prospective tenant application form

What is a Residential Tenancy Application?

A Residential Tenancy Application is a form that landlords and property managers use to collect information from prospective tenants applying to live in a rental property. This type of form is suitable for landlords and property managers who oversee residential rentals (such as houses and flats), not commercial rentals (such as office spaces or warehouses).

Some landlords and property managers choose to have rental application forms available at open houses and viewings for applicants to fill out.

What information should I ask for in a renter’s application?

If someone is interested in your rental space, you may ask for the following information:

  • Applicant’s name and contact information
  • Applicant’s date of birth
  • Co-applicant’s personal information (if applicable)
  • Other occupants’ personal information (if applicable)
  • Applicant's rental history (including their previous landlord’s contact information)
  • Applicant's employment history
  • Applicant’s proof of income
  • Pet information (if applicable)
  • Applicant's vehicle type and description (if applicable)

Based on your own needs, you may not require certain information from tenants. LawDepot’s Residential Tenancy Application template allows you to customise your form.

As a landlord, what information should I provide in a renter’s application?

As a landlord or property manager, you should provide the following information on a rental application:

  • Your contact information
  • The property’s address
  • The property’s date of availability
  • The term of the tenancy (such as year-to-year)
  • The rental payment amount
  • Security deposit amount (if applicable)
  • Any other tenancy terms (such as details about parking, pets, and smoking)

Why should I use a Residential Tenancy Application?

When you are looking for the perfect renter to move into your rental space, you need an efficient and organised way to gather prospective applicants’ information. Residential Rental Applications allow you to collect all the information required to make the best choice.

You can use the information to contact an applicant’s references and complete a thorough background check. Perhaps most importantly, a tenant’s application determines whether they are willing to enter a tenancy agreement with your proposed terms or not.

How do I accept a tenant application?

You may receive a tenant’s application in-person or by fax, email, or mail. Applicants may find that they don’t have all the necessary information with them at an open house or viewing. So, they may have to fill out parts of the form at home and send it to you later.

Once you select a tenant for your rental property, you can create a Tenancy Agreement and sign it with them. Once signed, the agreement becomes a legally binding contract.

Should I ask for proof of income?

Asking for an applicant’s proof of income can tell you whether or not they can afford to live in your property and pay rent. Applicants can prove their income by providing you with a pay stub, employer’s letter, employment certificate, bank statement, or their previous year’s tax return with their application.

Should I perform a tenant credit check?

As an owner or property manager, you want to be paid on time. A tenant credit check tells you if a potential tenant has paid their past debts on time. This information can offer you insight into how they may conduct themselves as your tenant.

Applicants must provide their consent in writing before you can conduct a credit check. Once you have their consent, you can request a non-invasive credit check through an online, third-party provider.

Should I perform a tenant background check?

Depending on your circumstances, you may decide to perform background checks on your most promising applicants. A background check may include an inquiry into the property an applicant's previously rented. If the applicant provides their previous landlord’s contact information, you can find out if there were any disputes between them.

A background check may also include contacting an applicant’s current or past employer to verify employment details.

Should I ask for an applicant’s National Insurance Number?

You do not need an applicant’s National Insurance Number (NINO) for a credit or background check. However, you may still choose to ask for an applicant’s NINO when they are applying to lease your space. Having a tenant’s NINO can be helpful if the tenant doesn’t pay their rent and goes into arrears.

Keep in mind that if you ask for an applicant’s NINO, you are obligated to protect it and keep it private. Also, some applicants may not be comfortable disclosing their NINO, as the United Kingdom advises citizens to prevent identity theft by keeping their number private.

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  • Eviction Notice: Use this document to evict a tenant if they have broken the terms of your Tenancy Agreement.
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