Real Estate Articles and Information

Real estate is something that most people have experience in, whether as landlords or tenants, or as buyers or sellers. Residential real estate makes up our homes, and those of our families, while commercial real estate is where we shop and do business.

Because real estate is such a valuable long-term asset, it is important to learn as much as you can. That’s why we have compiled a list of real estate resources for you to use. Once you have the information that you need, you can create a free document that suits your specific requirements. From Residential and Commercial Leases to Eviction Notices and Letters, we’ve got the forms and the information you need to get started.

Real Estate Articles

A Lease Amending Agreement is used to make changes to an existing Tenancy Agreement. The original lease remains in effect, but includes the amendments.

Real Estate Documents

Residential Lease: A document used to define residential landlord and tenant responsibilities and obligations.

Commercial Lease: A document used to dictate the terms of a commercial rental relationship between a landlord and tenant.

Rental Inspection Report: An inspection report is used to document the condition of rental property

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