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Governing Law

Nation: Northern Ireland
EP1: Identification of Donor's Relation
A: Who should be notified?

Q: The Donor and at least 3 relatives of the Donor must be notified.

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If you do not know the name or address of a relative and cannot reasonably find it, that relative is not entitled to notice. If a relative is under 18, or mentally incapable, they are not entitled to notice. Do not count these relatives.

Donor's spouse/civil partner entitled to notice? Yes No
Answer Yes only if spouse/civil partner can be located and is mentally competent.

Number of donor's living children:
Count all natural children and all adopted children who can be located, who are mentally capable and 18 years of age or older. Do not count step-children.
EP2: Donor Information
The Donor is the person who appointed the attorney(s).

Last Name:
Forename (First Name):
Other Forenames
(Middle Name):
  (if applicable)
Company Name:
Enter the name of the nursing/care home or hospital.
(if none, enter "not applicable")
Date of Birth:   (e.g. 2016)
EP2: Attorney

Number of Attorneys:
Count all the Attorneys who were appointed in the Enduring Power of Attorney if they are still living.

EP2: Enduring Power of Attorney

The date that the Donor signed the Enduring Power of Attorney. You can find this in Part B of the Enduring Power of Attorney.
Date of Enduring Power of Attorney:   (e.g. 2016)

EP2: Correspondence Address

All correspondence will be sent to your address (the address you provided under Your Information) unless otherwise specified.

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