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Governing Law

Details of Lasting Power of Attorney

Who is applying to register the Lasting Power of Attorney? Donor Attorney(s)

Which type of LPA is being registered? Property and Affairs Personal Welfare

Did the donor specify any individuals who are to be notified when the LPA is to be registered? Yes No

When did the donor sign the LPA?
  (e.g. 2016)

To your knowledge, has the Donor made any other Lasting Power of Attorney?
Yes No
Details of Donor
The Donor is the person who appointed the attorney(s).

Last Name:
First Name:
Middle Name:   (if applicable)
Daytime Telephone Number:
E-mail Address:
Date of Birth:   (e.g. 2016)
Details of Attorney

Number of Attorneys:
Count all the Attorneys who were appointed in the Lasting Power of Attorney if they are still living.

Do you wish to pay fee by credit or debit card?
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Please provide your telephone number so an agent can call you to arrange a payment.

Will you be enclosing a cheque for the registration fee for this application?
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Are you applying for exemption of the fee?
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Are you applying for remission of the fee?
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For more information on remission, exemptions and fees Click here to access the form.
Correspondence Address

All correspondence will be sent the Donor's address (the address you provided under Details of Donor) unless otherwise specified.

Where would you like correspondence sent?
Additional Information

Please write down any additional information to support this application
Signing Details

Is the attorney a Trust Corporation? Yes No

Notice Signing Date:
Check "Unsure" if all parties cannot sign on same date or if you would like to fill in the date later.